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03-20-2012, 01:11 PM
Originally Posted by eversive View Post
Yes, i missed to write one officer my bad, i'll fix it, regarding your toughts:

2x Tactical team: i have noticed that using 2x tac team gives me a very very high survaivability since 20 seconds every 30 seconds i have my officers moving shield power where is needed, without that i would have 10 seconds every 30 of that, in 20 seconds many things can happens and ruin your job, sadly the cooldown is shared with engineering team II making it less useful, any idea on what i could replace it with?

HE2: Yes i lack armor rep, since i have miracle worker + engineering team 2, but that's all, i don't have any other ability for repairing hull so i prefer that.
you only need TT when an escort is unloading on you, the rest of the time just spam the redistribute all hotkey, doing this constantly can increase your survivability by 200%, you should never die with any of your shield faceing full. like i said, for tactical TT1, FAW1, and APB1. if you do get blasted durring a tt cooldown or off guard, not having armor can result in a 1 shot before you can use any heals. heals are finite and on cooldowns, resistance is always on, and always lessening the damage you take