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03-20-2012, 01:15 PM
Originally Posted by DKnight1000
Tier 4 Klingon Cruisers? There is a Tier 5 Vor'cha it's a Sovreign with better turning and a cloaking device but with a weaker hull.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but did you want a Lt.Com slot to replace a Lt and Ens slot? That's never going to happen that is simply too big of an advantage over every other ship in the game.
What I meant was the recon science vessel retrofit would have 4 tactical consoles and in terms of tactical officers, a Lt commander tac, and an ensign tac. As for as it having too big of an advantage over every other ship in the game, maybe you're partly right. You'd have to take away one of the science consoles to make it more balanced. It would then have 3 science consoles, 4 tactical consoles, and 2 engineering consoles. Also, lets change the lt commander science to an ensign science.

Ok, so now we have the following configuration on the recon sci. retrofit:

Bridge Officers: Commander Science, Ensign Science
Lt. Commander Tactical, Ensign tactical
Lt. Engineer

Consoles: 3 Sci, 4 Tac, 2 Engi

Turn Rate: 13 Degrees/sec

Hull Points: 29,000

It would be identical to the multi-vector advanced escort in console configuration. If you compare the bridge officer layouts, the Multi vector has a similar bridge officer layout. My recon retrofit proposal would be like switching the MVA's Commander and ensign tactical to science and like switching the MVA's lt. commander science to a tactical. Also, the MVA's Lieutenant tactical would become an ensign tactical.