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03-20-2012, 01:33 PM
Originally Posted by dojihajime
I know nothing! well i know a fair bit of canon stuff from TOS, TNG and DS9, I speciallize in Klingons and oddly Ferengi. Is that at all useful to you? Likely not.
Sometimes I find that fascinating. I do not know about everyone else lol. However, I do think it is good to have a healthy supply of solid canon buffs in a game with an IP like this one.

As for you who do not know what the OP is asking: I am fairly good at deciphering such things and I believe they are asking you to tell them what posters they should look for in threads. Basically, they want to know what posters tend to offer useful or interesting posts so they can read those posters and avoid sifting through the Trolls and Nonsense posters.