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03-20-2012, 01:52 PM
Originally Posted by voicesinthedark View Post
I love the idea of the foundry, and read the article that this thread is about and have played some of the foundry created missions.

Foundry Slots = 10,000 Dilithium

Character slot required = 1

A in-foundry tutorial or link to a really good or official one = PRICELESS!!

I am by no means the village idiot, but I can't remember the last time WTF or HTF (What the %$@#, How to $%$#, Who the $%^^) has come out of my mouth so repeatably in a constant stream for a good hour straight. Maybe it's just my ADHD self not seeing the logical steps to take, but in this case an "idiots guide to the STO foundry" would be an amazing thing.

I was really disappointed that the Foundry or even the STO wiki doesn't really have a solid step by step for beginners on how to go about creating something in the foundry. Even the article about the foundry posted in the OP doesn't touch on this at all, which I was really hoping it did.

So if anyone knows of any really good solid, step by step, ADHD friendly tutorials on how to create foundry content could you please post them here for any of the people that would really like to give the foundry a try. And I'm sure there are other posts with tutorials linked in them, but since this article will more than likey attracted people that have used the foundry alot, I figured you would know the best of the best tutorials.

Maybe even the person that wrote the Articled linked in the OP will see these and edit their article to include some of these as well?