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03-20-2012, 03:21 PM
Your Boff looks right

But your Consoles are going to be.
2 Eng
4 Sci
3 Tac

It's a Sci ship, you must have 4 Sci consoles if you take 4 Tac consoles this is an Escort. The MVAE and the MVAM are essentially the same ship but the MVAM has a more science focus yet the console configuration is the same.

Your description isn't a Sci/Tac Hybrid is sounds almost like the MVAM but a bit slower. Maybe I'm reading it wrong.

Sci/Tac hybrid

Sci - Com
Tac - Lt.Com
Eng - Lt
Sci - Lt
Sci - Ens

3 Devices

2 Eng
4 Sci
3 Tac

Look around that's what the other Hybrid ships are. I think the real discussion is what ship it should look like.