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03-20-2012, 03:52 PM
IMO, effort seemed to be made that suggests STO may have been intended to be a hybrid of all three archetypes being suggested in the OP. Narrativeist (story missions) and gamist (ground combat), and simulationist (space combat). However, the game is out-of-balance between those efforts. Which, IMO, will always go back to the unfortunate, short development prior to launch of the game. IMO, if the Narrativeists efforts were permitted proper resources, it could serve as the thread to weave all three efforts together better. That is the polish that, IMO, would better serve the IP that is Star Trek.

I disagree that STO lacks a camp element. Q represents this rather well.

As far as the galaxy map goes, it is certainly less than to be desired. It's been said many times in these forums that space is big. I love the soft-canon map books. Though I agree that interpreting hard borders in interstellar space isn't too realistic. Franz Joseph was the only one who may have gotten it right. He referred to the Federation Treaty Exploration Territory on his maps. Just because a warp-capable civilization exists inside the treaty territory doesn't mean that those worlds are Federation worlds by default. Or that they must join the Federation at all. Even if the Federation really likes them a lot and bends over backwards to welcome them. Nor does this mean that those worlds can be forbidden from interstellar travel. Again, space is big. For all we know, there is an equally advanced civilization right in Sirius Sector who just rolls their eyes at the Federations next interstellar war front.

Specific to our map, it's been pointed out many times in these forums that the white lines connecting solitary sector blocks may not mean only a 2D connection across distances. A sector can exist under or over another one. Allowing Federation territory to meander over, under and around someone elses. The Federation isn't' necessarily land-locked. And neither are the Klingons. It would be nice to see something that bears that out. Even if, again, not all sector blocks are defined.