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03-20-2012, 04:12 PM
Originally Posted by virusdancer
I generally have a problem with statements such as this. It assumes that everybody sees the IP as the same thing, which is hardly the case.

Could you elaborate on where you see it not representing the IP? What you see as the Star Trek IP...?
Virusdancer, you are thinking mostly the same as I am, but maybe not quite as far. My first question when Leviathan trotted out this statement was, "WAIT! Hold on, just what do you define as the IP?"

There can be no denying that the ST franchise changed enormously from Gene Roddenberry's original vision of the 1960's. Comparing anything after STNG to the old original STOS is like night and day in some ways. I'm not going to say STOS was better, or that Voyager was best, or any of that tired nonsense. My point is simply that the essential nature of what we called Star Trek changed in an ongoing process of almost evolution through the various series.

Trying to somehow distill all of that into one single defining thing and call it IP reminds me of the story about the three statisticians who went elephant hunting. The first statistician fired at the elephant and missed by a foot to the right. The second statistician fired at the elephant and missed by a foot to the left. The third statistician threw up her arms and exulted, "We got him!"

With all due respect to Leviathan, I think he's over-intellectualizing on the whole subject, and by a sizable margin. Then again, when it comes to art, I'm an anti-interpretationist, and Star Trek is definitely art.

And on that note, Ars longa, vita brevis, I'm going to stop writing about the game and go play it.