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# 1 Improving the Odyssey
03-20-2012, 05:29 PM
I currently fly the Odyssey, and while it does great in missions, she doesnt do too well in the warzone areas. Currently my shields is my biggest concern. Ive tried numerous shields and numerous setups and just cant get any better than my current setup.

My current build is as follows

Fore Weapons : Dual Plasma Beam Bank Mk XI [ACC]x2 - Rare / x4
Deflector : Polarized Parabolic Mk XI - Very Rare
Impulse : Super Cooled Combat Impulse Engines Mk XI - Very Rare
Shields : Regenerative Shield Array Mk XII - Common
Aft Weapons : Plasma Beam Array Mk XI [Acc]x2 - Rare, Plasma Beam Array Mk XI - Common, Plasma Beam Array [CrtD]x2 - Rare, Tricobalt Mine Launcher Mk XI [Dmg] - Uncommon

Engineering Consoles : Field Emitter Mk XI - Uncommon / x2, RCS Accelerator Mk XI - Rare / x1, Universal Assimulated Module - Very Rare / x1
Science Consoles : Shield Emitter Amplifier Mk XI - Rare / x2, Power Insulator Mk XI - Rare / x1
Tactical Consoles : Plasma Infuser Mk XI - Rare / x2

Bridge Officer Abilities : Engineering Team 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1, Extends Shields 2, Torpedo Spread 1, Target Engine Subsystems 2, Emergency Power to Engines 1, Emergency Power to Shields 2, Directed Energy modulation 2, Eject warp plasma 2, Jam targeting sensors 1, Tractor beam 2, Transfer shield strength 1

Based off my current build where should I look at for improving my shields? Currently if I use transfer shield strength 1 it helps, just like Emergency power to shields 2 helps. I typically save reverse shield polarity for when I get jumped by a bird of pray in Kerrat. But my shields dont last long enough to give me a chance at surviving said bird of pray.