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03-20-2012, 05:50 PM
Originally Posted by junkknight
1 ditch the breen set its junk. Get your self the borg set + some coverient shields such as the reman shields there prity good until you can get the mk xi or mk xii maco shields. Ditch the beams in the back if your going to use dual beams in the front and turrets in the back for maximum damage HOWEVER since the odyssey has a low turn rate I'd recommend turrets aft and beams for or 8 beams the odyssey dosn't have a high enough turn rate for torpidose. Get rid of the RCS and get an EPS flow regulator instead. also what are you doing with torp spread? your using beams and mines instead get beam fire at will. Hope it helps.
I will try some turrets out back. I went beams out back for pure DPS. But I am willing to try the turrets. The Tropedo spread was one I was using for the Galaxy class I still fly time to time. But I have enough experiance points to swap back and forth a few times.

I have some coverient shields sitting in the bank, I also havent been able to get the borg set, I already did all the borg missions but only thing I got was the console.

But this is what I will do, Im heading over to K-7 going to pick up the Corviant shields I have put up their level XI I think and ill swap out the RCS for the EPS flow regulator I have and try that. I will also head over to ESD and swap out Torpedo spread for fire at will. I will also look into which missions I need to look at for the borg set.

It does help. I was thinking my problem was due to the consoles I had picked out but I guess its just the setup of the shields and sub systems that is my limiting factor.

Originally Posted by ThePsycoticVulcan
Which Odyssey are you? There are four.
Mine is the 2 year annivesary edition.