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03-20-2012, 06:50 PM
I use single canons and turrets for my Tac Odyssey Class with saucer separation. Ditch the bulk, get a sweet turn rate and things go boom!

I use 3 of the single canons and 1 Q torp launcher at the front
I use 3 turrets and 1 Q torp launcer at the aft

Tac BO seats
Tac Team 1 on Ens universal slot
CRF1 & HYT1 on Lt. slot

Sci BO seat
TTS 1 & HE 2

Eng BO seats
ET 1 & EPtS 2 & Aux2SIF 1 on Lt Cmd universal slot
EPtS 1, ET 2, DEM 2, & EWP 3 on Cmd slot

Eng- Neutronium Alloy Mk XI rare or higher, RCS thrusters Mk XI rare or higher, Saucer Sep console, Aux Power console Mk XI rare or higher
Sci - Field Emitter Mk XI rare or higher, Shield Emitter Mk XI rare or higher, Borg Universal console
Tac - 3 weapons specific consoles of your chose to match weapons setup