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# 1 2 of the same kind of ship
03-20-2012, 06:54 PM
I'd like to buy two fleet escorts. It's not currently possible in game for whatever reason, and I know that, but I hope that I'm not the only one who feels this way and that this thread will generate some interest in that. At the very least, maybe someone has more information on why you can't buy two of the same ship than what I was able to find by searching the forums and Google.

Speaking of Google, I found a thread from way back in 2010 where this was already discussed and it seemed to get a little nasty toward the end. To keep from rehashing that, I'll just say this:

1) I like the turn rate, tactical and engineering slots available on the fleet escort, and there's no other comparable set up on any other ship.

2) I don't want to pay EC every time at the ship tailor when I can have two paint jobs and hulls/nacelles/etc, one on each version. Same for weapons - I can boost polaron weapons with the Jem'hadar set on one, and put my borg set with phasers on another.

3) I know the time sink was an important factor in the thread you see on google, but as it is set up now, I'd have to go to a base to change ships anyway - whether it's one FE to another or a FE to a cruiser. I do not want to insta-change.