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03-20-2012, 07:14 PM
Is there a way to get email alerts of these events?

I would love to come to this. I would like to request a later timeslot though. Possibly around 10 EST.

Originally Posted by SkeeterUK View Post
As long as its not listed as a mission that you start and finish and its more like EVE onlines mining where its open mining when ever you want, with some risks of some npcs shooting you if you mine for too long. If its a event/mission then. Because then your gona be time limited or dilithium limited and probably have a map size limit on how many ppl can warp in and mine with or against you.
I agree with SkeeterUK. If its a Mining Event, I dont think it should be set up as a mission.

Although, I think a "Maximum Amount of Dilithium Mined" somewhere around 7,000 would be reasonable.

I came up with that number by thinking of the amount of Dilithium it currently costs (around 225-240 RD) to purchase 1 Credit. Then I took that number and tied it into how much the average item in the C-Store costs (200-2000; Bundles cost 4000). This would leave most us with just enough [excluding mission rewards] to be able to refine without any increase to the Refinement Cap.

Originally Posted by SkeeterUK View Post
Also what type of ships will be required for mining, shuttles, new ships for mining that will be coming (doubt it but would be nice), haulers to take the dilithium somewhere to refine? Hope its not just click then it starts then you click convert and thats it as that would be rather simplistic. Needs to have a proper mining gameplay component really and yes eve has mining and yes eves mining would be very good for a trek game because trek in the shows has mining and lots of ships, tech and stuff ready for the game to use if only the devs invest in it. Which would lead to ship building with mined resources, starbase construction with mined resources, build wares and weapons from mined resources, not just dilithium btw other trek materials you see mined in the shows.
If there will be new ships/equipment/etc, will they be through the C-store or as mission rewards?

See y'all in-game!