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# 89 Of Shards and Clones
03-20-2012, 08:11 PM
Originally Posted by Psi'a Meese
So the final reward won't be an actual Bajoran Ark with an Orb. Then maybe we could also receive a smaller Orb Shard trophy to place on our starship interior? Something a Captain could place on a desk?
I agree! Psi'a Meese, that's a great idea! Sisko had his baseball on his desk, we should get our Shards! Thinking about brings a lot of other desk item ideas to mind, but should be a separate thread.

Between getting a Vorta Duty Officer as part of the Dominion Cadre and Loriss' transition from serious threat to conciliatory ally, i contemplated what a Vorta BOff would/could have been. And decided to give myself one anyway. It's how Loriss deleops through the story that makes her a fascinating character. Cryptic has earned a Gold Star for not throwing another cookie-cutter villain at us, and succeeding in crafting one so dynamic. I both expect and hope to see her again in future stories involving the Dominion. I thoroughly enjoyed her bit about Eraun!

As to how i gave myself the Vorta BOff, a friend helped me to find a rare quality alien female Sci BOff on the exchange for my FED Cpt, and my KDF Cpt had an uncommon one that i hadn't activated yet. My Captains and their BOffs are:
  • Commander Joshua Daniel Sarvour, Captain of the Enterprise-class U.S.S. Akagi NCC-93347. Engineer, human male.
    Lieutenant Loriss 247 Akagi, Science Officer.
  • Captain Devna tai-Sov'vaj, commander of the I.K.V. Most-S'e. Tactical, Klingon/Orion female.
    Lieutenant Loriss 669 Yoc, Science Officer.

I wonder if we'll see an influx of Vorta Captains? i know i've seen plenty of Bajorans and Cadassians...