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03-20-2012, 09:18 PM
Letting the article sink in a bit more, I come to think (other than the grammar in my rushed post,) that it is indeed encouraging to see AN's emphasis on anti-PW2 (to just short of saying those words). It aligns to their game philosophy to have a player's chance at "winning" be more based on skilled usage of character abilities and traits in situational contexts rather than gear (and character level to some extent).

That being said, gear will still play a role in player effectiveness and thus be coveted to some extent to the typical player segments (min/maxers, money>time, etc.). We still have to see what gear will be made available for gold/gems via vendors, but perhaps this is where taking a(nother) page (ideally only the idea not the execution) from STO in regards to the high-end gear put behind a grind wall (namely STFs or crafting to a lesser extent) with its own pseudo-currency to represent accumulation towards the gear is what AN could do to avoid the P2W stigma. Perhaps karma (assuming it will still be acquired through general/all gameplay, but it now (more) for "unique rewards") ends up being the currency used to obtain the better (non-tradable) gear. So:

gold = EC
karma = hybrid STF salvage/tech + GPL + Defera tech (and possibly still used to impact a character's personality)?
gem = refined dilithium (integrated with dilithium ore and CPs)

Curious and curiouser...