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03-20-2012, 10:46 PM
Originally Posted by xth3xr34p3rx View Post
if you can afford/ saveup I reccomend upgrading to a barbones system and just installing you own copy of windows 7 (dektop tower) or if you prefer laptops to look into the newer generation, but don't get rid of the old one you can still use it for work and such, just not gaming tbh.
My current "income" is rent +$80 a month.

Also, I found this.
and was able to turn on my framerate.

Normally in an room with an exchange I get about 3 to 4. With full size (1280) I get an average FPS of 3.4, on the smallest (800) I get 3.8. Opening and closing chat also has a minor impact.

However, I was able to double my frame rate to 7 or so by doing one thing... Looking at my feet. looking straight down gives me a huge boost, and I can even use this while walking just by aiming my view more towards the floor.

It feels so wonderful to finally be able to get around ESD without either having to walk, or, always jog into walls.