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03-20-2012, 11:21 PM
Originally Posted by carmenara
Well lets put it this way - the more non-Cardassians ruin my past RP plots or make unwanted advances to my character/my OOC self, the more efficient, calculative and militant I become.

A few episodes of DS9 Season 1 were also helpful, I admit.

Wait, let's not do the usual Cardassian mistress/slave arguments here, the OP may not like Cardassians
No, I wasn't even going there, that was a one day "finally something different" thing...we have gone past that and need to seek out more effective "opportunities".

And Not like Cardassians??? Preposturous!!! I've never heard such a thing, how could anybody not love us compassionate and merciful people that don't get into others business (hint hint Federation)?

And although the Federation and Bajor don't want to admit it, We didn't invade Bajor...we were invited. Also, they never had it so good. look at them now...they're still a poor desert planet.