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03-21-2012, 12:14 AM
with all this useless assumptions in this thread and all the others on the forums i just want to assume something myself:

The avarage STO player cannot cope with his own failure, he rather searches explanations in broken game mechanics, other players cheating and a general imbalance that puts him allways into an uphill battle.
If all that was true, the game must be broken beyond repair, 80% of all players are cheaters and the player himself is unable to use the imbalance to serve himself.

Is it soooo hard to admit that there is a bigger fish than oneself in the ocean?

If you go into a PVP match solo, why do you even expect to win? a premaid team with any kind of voicechat, if it is not made up of complete fools, will always win. No matter what faction, ships, careers...