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Originally Posted by Lord_Nightblade View Post
As for the device being an anti-Borg weapon, I'll just say that, IMO, Trek fans have this habit of connecting dots that don't need to be connected (V'ger to the Borg, Trelane to Q, and a few others).
First off , V'Ger needs to be connected to the Transformers , not the Borg ! :p
(IE : "... a planet of living machines..." - ST:TMP)

As to The Doomsday Machine being an "anti-Borg weapon" -- that is not a fan made that connection , but by a "soft-canon" author by the name of Peter David in the Trek novel "Vendetta" .

If I (as a fan) were to make "fanboi" connections , I'd bring up the fact that the Doomsady machine used a "pure antiproton beam" -- and I'd connect that to the most popular anti-Borg energy weapons in STO : Antiproton weapons .
(see ? this "prooves" that the Doomsday Machine was an anti-Borg weapon ! :p)

RE: Devide et Empera
The problem is that your captain gets thrown the universe's biggest Idiot Ball. It's obvious after you scan the four crates that you're being played for a sucker by Admiral Not-A-Spy. At that point, any Starfleet officer with a modicum of brains would put the mission on hold to figure out just what exactly is going on.
Well , I would not presume that Starfleet Captains go around regularly questioning Starfleet Admirals (like they did in the show) , just as I assume that most Starfleet Admirals are not incompetent and/or insain (like most were on the show) .

Plus there is a difference in the way a person who's on the job performs when they have their direct / superior manager on scene . Most ppl get a "yes Sir" attitude about them when that happens , and not argue semantics -- sometimes out of fear , sometimes out of trained obedience , and sometimes out of the sheer presumption that their supervisor knows what the hell he's doing / asking for .

Well all that , plus considering that you kill most things on sight in this game , you'd think you'd choose to not kill on the basis of 4 empty crates ???
STO is the "Mirror Universe" in the sense that "Phasers on Stun" only exist on Bajoran phasers ! :p
(and it took them 2 years to get there ...)