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03-21-2012, 03:47 AM
The odyssey zoom is still not right. if you zoom in all the way from the back it will zoom in so far that all you see are two red lights from the engines and nothing else.

I dont know if the mining daily is working yet, but i took it and went to the asteroid field. i put the suit on but it would not let me leave the airlock. i had it activated as it said but i could not continue any further. EDIT - it seems the new suits dont work yet. only the FE suit works.

while the cheap suit is only 100 dilithium, which is fine, the other 3 are stupidly expensive. i dont see any value in the prices other than the colour of the suit. one was 350'000 dilithium, for nothing extra. you could equip an entire ship for that.

I think there should be a visit the bridge button on the personal window. it lets people know there are more assignments in the ship, and it helps to get the button from just the drop down arrow. im sure some people still dont even know there have bridges and interiors so it would give it more exposure.

can we have it so that in combat when our ships release a combat pet like a saucer or in MVAM, that the white box that appears around it is a different colour? its so hard to tell if you pet was destroyed when so many other white boxes for your team mates are flying around.

i did 4 of the smaller assignments like fixing a drink or making a hypo, and it says failure. but while 1 was a total failure the other 3 still gave me some rewards. can the text be changed to 'limited success' or something?

I like the fact that there are still some assignments showing on personal while in space, and its cool to explore your ship for more. i can see it getting a little tedious after a while but thats kind of the sacrifice of wanting more stuff to do in your ship. for the most part i liked it. the assignments in the science room where very nice, good xp and rewards for using up those data samples.

the ultimate goal however is still to be able to dress our crew how we like. some way to change their uniforms would be very good.

might also be a good time to add a tailor to your ship and attach doff tailor assignments. perhaps a chain of missions that rewards new costume pieces like hats or scarfs and things.