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03-21-2012, 03:07 AM
I am a Tactical Captain and I equipped my 2nd Anniversary Odyssey with this setup.

3 Dual Beam Banks
1 Beam array
4 Beam arrays

My reasoning is that this gives me 5 1/2 array equivalents on the forward arc, 5 arrays to the sides and 4 to the rear for almost all around coverage less the 20 degrees to the left/right quarters. This makes the anemic turn rate largely irrelevant. With full buffs I do 2300 damage with the DBB and 1800 damage with the arrays.

Defense: Engineering slots:
4 neutronium alloys for a 18% damage reduction vs all damage.

With my skills I get 44.9% damage reduction across the board. It doesn't matter much what shield/hull recovery skills you use so long as you use skills that don't overlap. This allows me to survive 2 of the invisible 100k damage torpedoes in STF elites. It also allows me to solo the tac cubes in Kerrat or take on 2 Cubes at the same time.

I use the full Omega set for the Tetryon Glider's extra damage to shields and the Gravitic Anchor for even more damage to hulls.

This setup allows me to be a generalist ship able to tank, CC and have good DPS.

Sci Consoles:
Shield Emitter Amplifier - Boost shield heals
Field Generator - +35% shield cap
Flow Capacitor - Boosts the tetryon glider damage

Tactical consoles:
Any 2 tactical consoles of the energy of your weapons.

Skill list:

Lieutenant Tac Station
Beam Array - Fire at Will I
Beam Array - Beam Overload II

Lt. Commander Unversal station (Engineer)
Engineering Team I
Emergency Power to Weapons II
Directed Energy Modulation II

Commander Engineering Station
Emergency Power to Shields I
Reverse Shield Polarity I
Eject Warp Plasma I
Auxiliary to Structural III - Rare Boff Skill

Note that you can get EP2S II as a Lt. Commander skill and EWPlasma II as a Commander skill from the trainer instead of the EP2S III rare Boff skill.

Lieutenant Science Station
Hazard Emitters I
Tractor Beam Repulsors I

Ensign Science Station
Transfer Shield Strength I

The advantage to these skills is that all my Shield and Hull skills do not overlap. I can also use an Aux battery to boost theAux2Structural to 7400 heal and Hazard Emitters to 750 heal per pip. Add the 6200 heal of the engineering team and I can heal 20k plus hull damage in one go.