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# 4 Handy For Sci Captains
03-21-2012, 04:44 AM
Defletor Officers are handy for sci captains. They reduce the recharge time of all deflector abilities.

Tractor Beam Officers - Drain Shields with tractor beams, scales on quality

Conn Officers - Chance to reduce recharge time on Evasives

Maintenance Engineer - I think there are actually 2 types of these. 1 gives a buff depending on the type of battery used (exocomp). The other reduces recharge time on Engineering Team (thanks Vampir888)

Development Lab Scientist - Reduces the recharge time of Sci Team

Projectile Weapons Officers - chance to reduce the recharge time on torpedoes and torp abilities

Energy Weapons Officers - chance to reduce the recharge time on BTS abilities edit: 2 types, the other is the infamous SubNuke Doff

Gravimetric Scientist - Chance to produce aftershock gravity wells - Scales with quality, can produce up to 4 additional GW's with a purple officer - nonstackable

Sensor Officer - Applies weapons damage debuff to target when using Sensor Scan (thanks Roach)

Shield Distribution Officer - Chance to partially recharge shields when using BFI - stackable. I don't actually use this one on a sci ship, some of the others are so much tastier