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03-21-2012, 06:57 AM
I love the new interior assignments. Very good idea to interact with your interior since it was a useless place before.

Nevertheless I have a few points to say:

1. I went into the Mess Hall and the Bartender and Chef had menues with ingredients to sell.
Nevertheless I would ask if we could get as many of them as possible added into their menue since they are not selling all of the basic stuff.
Livanian Beet, Zabu etc... At least all of the uncommon ingredients. That would be nice and would make more sense since you pick up the assignment on board and then have to jump out to a vendor or exchange and then come back and start the mission. I think that eliminates some kind of the purpose of the newly implemented feature

2. I noticed that assignments such as from the counselor are greyed out after clicking on them. I get the message that they have been added to my assignments, but what if I decide not to start them? They are still greyed out. Does this mean they are lost forever or will they show up automatically some cycle?
Better communication please!

3. I saw that we can now change ships on board now? Hadn't noticed that before. Could we please get an Exchange and Bank access on board please. It cannot be that hard and makes no sense that we cannot even access our bank/fleet bank on board!!!

Btw: The Bank access on SFA still does not have the sub-option to access fleet banks !

Asteroid Mining Daily.
I did it. Was ok, a minigame. Completed it and received what??? Nothing somehow. Only the small amount I mined during the five spots? Yeah, sorry, but not even slightly worth my time bothering to do this with no DL reward at the end...

- Transwarp to the Feature Episodes now again cost 18000+ EC. They were lowered to 100 EC on Holodeck! Please fix this before it goes live!

- Advanced Slipstream on Odyssey seems to stay active indefinetly until you manually cancel the drive.

- You can attack and kill both the Ferengi NPC and the Suits on the Asteroid mining base.