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03-21-2012, 06:07 AM
Actually spam came via the mines that the feddies used to crank out way back when in PvP, then the Carrier and its pets came along later. The feds starting the concept, the KDF just does it better thanks to Dev designs.
I believe Bfaw has always been here and has just gone through a series of buffs, nerfs, buffs again and the like to try and make it better at killing spam.

BFAW will target a cloaked vessel and hit it upon its intital use if the cloaked vessel is in combat range, but after that intial effects if the cloaked vessel stays cloaked or goes back into cloak after under fire the Bfaw will eventually start missing and lose said target. Hence BFaw is excellent for discovering cloaked vessels if blindly fired occassionally, but it will not keep them discovered, and it is unverified that it allows the firing party to see you.