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03-21-2012, 06:34 AM
There are some great DOff changes here. However, I would suggest a few things:

1 - I know it makes sense for the Personal mission givers to be distributed over the ship in appropriate places, but I can see its going to get old real fast. It would be nice if I could access them all from one location. Also, consider moving the tactical & diplo mission givers out of the captain's office. I don't want them loitering around my space! Maybe the diplomatic mission giver is in fact your desk's comm station, and it brings up the federation envoy in a communication screen (would also make more sense). In general, I think the mission givers shouldn't be on the bridge - its bad enough there's some non-boffs on my bridge that aren't wearing my own uniform design, now I have these other NPC's ruining the look.

2 - I love that the "underperforming" change-ins have been added. I can finally balance out my crew how I want. Except for one thing - it would be nice to be able to choose both the species and gender of the new officer. I understand leaving the functional part random (ie specialization, traits) - but let us specify all the cosmestic aspects.