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03-21-2012, 07:39 AM
Originally Posted by Warpstalker
It's not about being hit through cloak, it's about a 6.5k shields and 27k hull ship based on evasion and weapon arcs which is hit by unavoidable death star beams...

You cant stay in battle for more than 5 seconds because a single hit from a faw adept escort with no target selected will vanish one of your facing shields entirely.

EDIT : Ah and battle cloak adds 50% def, of course it doesn't work against FAW ^^^
This is pretty much how it goes down. It's just a matter of having FAW up whenever possible. And the most aggravating aspect of it is that they don't even need to know you're there.

And to say that the use of FAW is due to pet spam is a joke. You work that one out yourself.

And you can have twice the above number in shields except when your coming out of cloak you have....oh that's right. None. And defense counts for nothing so we're looking at just hull resists. In short any BOP decloaking into active FAW is going to take a beating.

TIP: Don't decloak into active FAW spam. Seriously that's all there is to it. You're in cloak to evaluate your targets and the battle situation. If you don't take a minute to see what abilities your opponents are running that's gonna go down as a failure on your part.