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03-21-2012, 07:53 AM
In my experience with FAW there are a few things you can rely on.

FAW will not begin to fire w/o a selected target in range unless a visible or "ghost" enemy is actually on your screen.

FAW will continue to fire at any target in the same arcs as your primary target until the power expires, or fire at all targets in all arcs if no primary target is selected, regardless of whether you are looking or not. This is where cloaked ships come in. If you get close enough at this point that a ghost image would be visible to me if I were looking, my FAW will still get you. So cloaked ships will only be hit if they remain close while faw is in use.

Now, I have been known to zoom out as far as I can so that I have a 360 degree view and can "detect" ghost images all around me... Honestly, at this zoom they are easy to miss with your eye, but FAW will get them if the ghost image appears for even a split second.