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03-21-2012, 08:04 AM
Originally Posted by Cygone View Post
Why would you use EPtW3 and EPtS1, and not the norm of W1 and S3? The only difference in higher levels of EPtW is the amount of power you can get with it. Well you still can't go over the 125, so why would u drop the survivability of S3, when you can just change your standard power allocation?

I do appologise, you get a few % points of BASE weapon damage for 5 seconds, totally useless. The only use of EPtW is to chain them to keep your weapon power at 125, and POSSIBLY for an alpha strike with the GX.

EPtW3 contains higher +Dmg precentage. EPtW1 has a +10% while for EPtW3 it has +17% or 20%...can't remember. Anyways, higher burst damage for 5 seconds coupled with BO1 or BO2. That's why.

It sounds like I either need to breakdown and pay the cash for a Galaxy X or reroll tactical...