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03-21-2012, 09:46 AM
Originally Posted by Xenor-Nyiad View Post
No one respects the Wheaton
I liked his character fine. At the time, he was a few years older than me and I thought he was cool.
<-- total loser

But after TNG, I was expecting him to show up again. After he left with the Traveler, I sort of expected him to pop up in the other series. It would've been fun to see him on Voyager, for example. He could've shown up, shot Neelix, then left to collect a bounty. Many fans would've praised him and forgiven him for all prior annoyances instantly. :p

Instead though, it seems Wheaton went with "I'm ashamed of my past because people criticized my character." He still plays nerdy rolls all the time with overwhelming arrogance, but not the *one* roll that made him famous. That all makes me sad.

Plus he started a facebook account like a week ago. His first posts were all about how much he hated facebook. Instant unsubscribe for me. I'm mad at him. I won't talk to him until he apologizes.