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03-21-2012, 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by Cstriker01 View Post
EPtW3 contains higher +Dmg precentage. EPtW1 has a +10% while for EPtW3 it has +17% or 20%...can't remember. Anyways, higher burst damage for 5 seconds coupled with BO1 or BO2. That's why.

It sounds like I either need to breakdown and pay the cash for a Galaxy X or reroll tactical...
The burst damage of +17% or what ever it is, should basically not even be factored in to the equation, (imo), as you run these back to back to keep your weapon power up, and if you can time it right, you are better using W1 just after BO1/2 so that you dont suffer from the degraded weapon power level for as long.

It is also to be pointed out that S3 gives a much better resist and a good 10000 shield on use.