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03-21-2012, 10:57 AM
The Shuttle Departs as you order a Tractor beam to be placed.The beam has no effect and the shuttle warps away.You order your First Officer to find out who or what was on the shuttle.You depart the bridge to your Quarters,you dim the lights but suddenly you here a voice it mumbles "we are many" you hesitate and then you appear inside ops at DS9 Kai Opaka Walks in and tells "you are of Bajor". You Awaken in Sick Bay Where your Chief Medical Officer Tells you that you were in a Coma When he found you.You Return to the Bridge And order your Helmsman To Set a Course for Ds9 Maximum Warp.You arrive at Ds9 Order Your Helm to dock ,suddenly you Return to your state as you were in your Quarters. The Prophet Opaka Appears And Says"Our Temple has been violated by those not of Bajor". You Awaken Again In The Infirmary of Ds9 you bolt up pick up a phaser stun the Bajoran Deputies and take the turbolift to ops you stun Captain Kurland and begin using the console.5 Minutes later the station emits a"Anti Chroniton Beam" Forcing The "Violated Ones" out of the Temple,Meanwhile Odo asks you "how did you figure out what happened to the shuttle" You respond saying It was the Prophets....