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# 3 Preposterous. I know.
03-21-2012, 03:38 PM
"Sometimes I believe Starfleet has us out here chasing sensor echoes in the Neutral zone." Captain Lisarran speaks aloud as he changes into his night clothing. "The Arcadia is a warship, it should be on the front-lines fighting the Borg Unimatrix Vessels when they attack. Instead we play cloak and dagger with the Romulans."

"Bridge to Captain Lisarran." The intercom interrupts, startling the Captain.

"Go ahead." He replies promptly.

"Sensors have detected unusually high Tachyon emissions in Shuttlebay Three. Requesting permission to send Science Team 3 to investigate." The explaining voice belonged to Commander Cavar, relief first officer from Delta Shift.

Science Team 3 comprises of several Delta Shift officers, including an up and coming junior science officer, Rebecca Harmon, who had grew up in the same town I had. Only two years apart, and yet never having met when they lived in Bozeman, Montana. Though he knew fraternizing with a member of his junior staff could cause trouble, as long as any romantic attachment never appeared there should be no problem. Though, because they had so many things in common, the Captain had planned on seeing her later that night.

"Go ahead and send the team. I will be on the bridge in two minutes." The Captain responded.

The walk to the bridge was filled with worry for his crew. Unexplained emissions were unheard of inside the ship and after the loss of the other shuttle in their bay, leaving an empty space beside Shuttlecraft Lupo, he worried another shuttle being lost would be an extreme problem for the ship this far outside Federation space.

The turbolift stopped at the bridge and opened, light filling the lift as the Captain walked out.

"Status report." The Captain stated to the bridge. Several officers waited to reply.

"Science Team 3 reports that the shuttlebay is sealed with a force-field and Tachyon emissions are continuing to build." Science Officer Jenetri reported.

As soon as the words were out, the tactical officer Mungege turned and faced the captain. "Sir! Phaser and disruptor fire has broken out near the shuttlebay." she reported with a look of sheer shock. "The shuttlebay doors are opening!"

"Sensors indicate that the tachyon emission is leaving the bay. Captain! It's a Scorpion Class shuttle, Reman design." A calm, but stern report from Jenetri.

The viewscreen then showed a de-cloaking shuttle speeding away from the Arcadia at full impulse.

"Tactical! Bring cannons to bare on that shuttle. Scatter Volley pattern, those shuttles can be slippery." ordered the Captain.

"Too late sir!" Jenetri replied as the viewscreen showed that the shuttle streaked into warp.

"I want a report on that incident in my ready room in one hour." he barked. "Bridge to Science Team 3, reply please!"

The intercom seemed to fuzz for a moment before a voice replied. "Sir, this is Ensign Grant. We have casualties. A Reman ambushed us, and we were not armed. We took a phasers from the armory across from the bay. However, the Reman ambush took out Retex and Harmon before we could react."

The color drained from the Captain's face, as his new friend was now dead. The next hour went quickly, until the briefing room was filled with the senior staff.

"I want answers!" The Captain shouted. "How was there a Romulan shuttle in our bay?!"

Jenetri stood and walked to the screen in the briefing room. "I believe I have an explanation for that Captain. The last battle we had with the Romulans, they had launched shuttles against us while we brought our shuttles in from the planet. The shuttle was destroyed, and we closed the bay. At this time, the hypothesis is that the Reman shuttle was used by the Romulans to board the ship. Our sensors were damaged and the pilots kept the ship running using the bare minimum life support and to not trip our pressure sensors on the shuttlebay floor, kept the thrusters operating at again, the bare minimum. Preposterous I know, but that is all we can tell. Their cloak must have become unusable and began to leak Tachyon particles in the bay, necessitating their escape. They were able to download our tactical database before they left. I recommend changing strategies in upcoming battles."

"That IS preposterous, but I cannot deny that the mere idea is plausible. I will have to give those Romulan pilots their due." The Captain said, puzzled at these events. "From this point forward, if we come under enemy fire, the shuttlebay is not to be opened at any time. Shuttles will remain planet-side until we eliminate any threat to the ship."

"Understood." All officers in the room responded.

That was the last time a Romulan ship invaded the Arcadia. The last time the Captain would lose a friend.