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Originally Posted by Dracounguis
Ok, I was playing earlier today (been fine for 2 yrs) and got on just now and the launcher runs, does it's patch check, and I hit "Engage". Window pops up and says "Cryptic Game Launcher has stopped working". It searches for a solution. I assume it finds none and then says the launcher must be closed.

Any idea why this has suddenly started to happen?
Rebooting my PC makes no difference.
Turning off my firewall makes no difference.

Game launched just fine 2 hours ago, now it does not.

I don't see anything new in the crash or errors text files And the pcl text file looks like it shows the same things it's got lists for from earlier launches?

There is a new file dated from the time I tried launching:
I am unable to read this one with notepad.

Addition.... I can launch to Tribble Server (long time on Loading screen) but can't get on Holodeck

Another addition... Uninstalled and reinstalled STO. Same thing. Can't get onto Holodeck but Tribble will come up. Why?!?
And just because... I made a Ticket # when Tribble came up: # 26,777
My game launcher is not working at the moment either it works for Perfect World accounts but not for Cryptic accounts like mine no body is helping us Cryptic guys lol. We need help and we need it now and my launcher was working yesturday night fine I could play but today... It will not work I think that Perfect World is gonna make us guys merge our accounts and lose every thing and I mean every freaking thing.

Please help us Perfect world we need it now.