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03-21-2012, 04:58 PM
Originally Posted by Badname834854
Ah. Well, if the player-deployed ones DID get some version of HY (not the insane NPC ones necessarily, but something better than where they're at now...) that would go a long way to increasing their perceived value, if not their real value.
That would be interesting, indeed. What is clear, from both Heretic's comments as well as the patch notes, the value given for both the effort expended and the cooldown is not sufficient. I agree. A few ideas to make this a better choice (some or all of them):

A.) Decrease the cooldown
B.) Add a High Yield (or Beam Overload for the beam equivalents) power the deployable can use at random (and on a reasonable cooldown)
C.) Increase the defense of the deployed turret.
D.) Increase the damage of the deployed turret. (They're doing this.)
E.) Increase the health of the deployed turret. (They're doing this.)

I would argue that B and C (in addition to D and E) would be better and prevent PvE and PvP deployable spam than A would.