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Captains Log; for the past few weeks I have been without my first officer. Commander Komika has taken shore leave to visit family on her home world. This has given me more time on the bridge than I am normally used too. With the side benefit of getting to know more members of the Delta Shift, Lt. Otoshi in particular has a far more brilliant mind then file gives her credit for. We have been able to enjoy several long hours of rousing debate on many finely varied scientific topics over the last few weeks. I believe she also has the makings to become a fine senior officer in the future. The Lt. is just one of the many new officers I am getting to know since taking command of the U.S.S. Tesla. Though this vessel is far larger than any vessel I have commanded or served on. I am still morning the loss of my last ship. The Tesla was a fine science vessel. Star Fleet Command giving the current times have slowed scientific missions in attempt to bolster our defensive forces, has given me command of an Akira class starship. With permission to rename her: Tesla. I can see the need to have more classes of starship that can hold better in combat be on the line at these difficult times, though I am saddened that a crew who was dedicated to science has been put on patrol duty. This war with the Klingons has many of us on greater edge than normal. The situation would be better if relations with the Romulans were going better. I must be honest though that with as little time as I have spent in this region of space I am looking forward to what our passive scans of the region will reveal in scientific interest.

“Computer End Log.”

Captain J’soph leaned off of his desk. Taking a moment to look around his ready room once more the young Caitian Vulcan hybrid captain sighed. He was far too used to commanding a smaller craft. Remembering his first command a Runabout outfitted as a science craft operating in near the Briar Patch. His second command a Nova Class Starship that was lost while saving an unaligned world from utter destruction. The ready room on his last ship was small but well adorned. This new room was large and seemed empty to him. Too much of the walls left bare. Moving towards the Replicator near the far wall the young Caitain Captain ordered two cups of green tea hot. A second later two glass and plastic mugs appeared on the small receptacle pad of the replicator. Taking them and strolling out of the ready room onto the bridge he shot off a crisp order before taking his seat and offering one mug to the chief duty officer.


Ensign Trevors spoke up first. The young human looked quickly over his readouts from Tactical as he reported them to the captain.

“We are running a standard maintenance scan on the forward phaser banks. We have also been detecting intermittent Tachyon emissions.”

Captain J’Soph looked over at the young tactical officer.

“Have you done a full sensor sweep of the area?”

“Aye sir, full sensor sweeps on all bands, we are currently running a sweep of the ship for more tachyon signals.”

The young officer stepped back a little from his station to straighten his Uniform tunic before retaking his place. The Captain had noticed over the last week that this was a nervous tick of the young Ensigns. Turning to his duty chief after taking a sip of his tea, the Caitain gave her a thin smile before inclining his head for the rest of the report.

“All else is quite on the ship sir, we are holding steady on our course along the Neutral Zone and should be arriving at star base 397 in twenty-three standard hours.”

The Duty Chief leaned back in her chair with a soft smile. The Captain nodded once then stood moving towards the turbo lift tea in hand.

“Well seems all is well here then, I will leave my ship in your hands Lt. I trust you can handle her well, I will retire to my quarters to start crew reviews.”

A few faces looked a little sullen at the mention of crew reviews. J’Soph was about to step into the turbo lift when the automated yellow alert started to sound. Turning on his foot pads J’Soph gave a steady look to his crew for immediate reports. From tactical Ensign Trevors spoke up in a rushed tone.

“Shuttle bay three has started to open, internal sensors show Shuttle Six in pre-launch. I’m also detecting heavy Tachyon surges in that shuttle bay.”

The Captain turned back towards the turbo lift taping his combadge.

“Senior Officers to the Bridge, Mister Wolf you have the bridge once you report in. Out. Lt. Otoshi you’re with me, mister Trevors have a security detail meet us at shuttle bay three.”

With the duty chief next to him the captain ordered the turbo lift to the appropriate deck for shuttle bay three. Upon arriving the captain took up a phaser offered him by one of the security officers who then hefted a phaser rifle up ready to fire.

J’Soph hit the door controls, the heavy blast doors for the shuttle bay opening to reveal a Romulan moving in what appeared to be displaced time, after images of his body trailing behind him into a fissure of energy. Holding up a tricorder the young Captain marveled at the readings. It was a temporal rift leaking Tackyon particles that matched those used by Romulan cloaking devices. The readings showed intermittent life signs on the other side of the fissure, with what seemed to be a core breach. Thinking fast J’Soph had to come up with something that would seal the rift.

“Phasers to max, narrow beams focus at the corner of the rift.”

A moment later six beams of phaser fire seared forth impacting the rift.

“Keep your phasers on rotating frequencies we must destabilize that rift.”

The concentrated phaser fire started to slowly have an effect on the rift. It’s edges slowly closing in till the rift was nearly gone. In this space of time Shuttle Six had left its holding pad leaving the shuttle bay. Looking at his tricorder readings the captains fur almost seemed to pale. Quickly tapping his combadge and barking orders for everyone to evacuate the area.

“Captain to bridge, jettison everything in shuttle bay three NOW! Captain to all crew on decks 4,5,6,7,8, and 9 evacuate, to any other deck Now. Captain to all transporter rooms beam as many crew from those decks as you possibly can to safety all hands brace for impact.”

As the captain stepped off the turbo lift onto the bridge the ship rocked heavily from a massive explosion in shuttle bay three. Red alert sound as all other sound died away systems going offline until auxisilery power and back up systems kicked on. The captain pulled himself up from the deck holding his arm, it showing that it was clearly broken. Moving with measured steps to his chair J’Soph sat slowly at its edge.

“Is that shuttle still in the area?”

Lt. Commander Wolf called a stiff Aye from his Tactical station.

“On Screen ready a tractor beam if we still have one working, and phasers. Dissable the shuttle, beam its pilot to the brig and just toe it till we have everything handled here. I want Damage reports, and injury reports.”

J’Soph stood wincing looking out the view screen at the shuttle as phaser fire slammed into its impulse engines and the blue hue of a tractor beam latched onto it. Mister Wolf at Tactical called that the pilot was in the brig under heavy guard. The Captain turned looking around the bridge or what was left of it. Consols had exploded part of the floor buckled upwards showing part of the decks below. One crew man was not moving while others were still picking themselves up from the floor.

“I’ll be down in the brig, Medics to the bridge we have several wounded. Otoshi you have the bridge.”

With that the captain marched from the bridge only to find the turbo lifts inactive.

“Computer sight to sight transport main security holding, energize.”

Materializing in the main brig the captain turned scowling at the rather bloodied Romulan in cell one. Turning to sit back on the security table J’Soph Shifted so that he looked steadily at the Romulan.

“Welcome aboard the Tesla, I am Captain J’Soph. I am sure you can understand why I have detained you in a holding cell. You appeared on my ship through a Tachyon rift, stole a shuttle craft. And the rift you appeared through set off an explosion that has dealt considerable damage to my ship. Now I want to know how you got here, and why?”

The Romulan shifted uncomfortably on the bunk before standing straightening his clothing, placing his hands behind his back; before addressing the captain.

“I am Sub Lt. Tenrif, second shift engineering commander of the Romulan Star Empire. My ship was conducting maintance on our cloacking device and main energy core.”

Looking at the Romulan with a slight frown before speaking sternly, J’Soph crossed his one good arm over his lap.

“I know a bit about Romulan technology, it has always been of intrest to me. The cloaking device and power core are on the same system, to test one the main system would have to be taken down. Now what I think happened is that you were trying to boost power to your cloaking device by directly linking it to your power core. Something must have gone wrong; a power serge through the cloaking device. Rupturing the Tachyon field that your ships use for your cloaking devices. Feasible that this caused a feedback loop into your power core matrix resulting in the tachyon fissure and the resulting eruption of your power matrix that fed back into our ship causing the great amount of damage to our ship.”

The Romulan blinked before sitting back looking at the captain. He pondered his response for a long moment before speaking.

“You have great intuition good Captain, I will be honest with you, since you have captured me fairly. You have proposed correctly at to what happened aboard my ship. I would request that you allow me to return to Romulus and report about the fate of my ship.”

J’Soph stood moving towards the holding cell his face grim. Reaching out to the control panel on the holding cell; a moment later the force field of the cell dropped.

“You best come with me, there is much to talk about. Romulus was destroyed by a supernova in 2387, the current year by the standard Earth calendar is 2409. I am sorry but you are trapped in the future.”

J’Soph led the time displaced Romulan towards a turbolift, the mood along the corridor and between the two of them most somber. Upon reaching the turbo lift the Captain ordered sick bay as their destination.