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03-21-2012, 06:33 PM
Personal log Stardate 88216.13

This is lieutenant Mallio making a last minute recording. I've been awake for nearly three days. I'm exhausted, in pain, and I can't seem to focus. My mind keeps wandering but I NEED to tell this before I die. Near as I can tell this all started after I visited the Engineering lab. Captain Donovan had me filling in as a Tac Officer since Commander T'pal was taking her first vacation in about 6 or 7 years. I asked some one on duty what made her decide to go now, and all she would say was that it was personal, I hope everything is okay. It was shortly after we had dropped her off on Vulcan that The U.S.S. Geist Had been ordered into the Neutral Zone. This is the first time I had managed to work on the bridge, sure it was Delta shift, but it was on the bridge all the same. In fact it turns out that Lieutenant Molyse is from the same GeoStructure. Kind of funny happen stance on a ship like this. I can see now why people usually confuse us.

As far as patrol missions go this was pretty standard, nothing out of the ordinary until I had to drop off a Duty Roster to Engineering. In retrospect i should have just sent it over the computer, but Chief Engineer Fine was on duty and any chance I get to see her I take willingly. She's what you would call a "Liberated" Borg. She'd been out of the collective for a few years now but still have a few implants left, but my word those eyes... I'd give my internal respiratory device for a chance that she would notice me. As I entered engineering with P.A.D.D in hand I found her working in one of the Nacelles on a plasma conduit. She had that Wraith fellow assisting her. He's an odd one, He's not very tech savvy since he's never really had any formal schooling, but he seemed content Handing Chief Fine tools and keeping her company as she worked. I guess I was watching her more than I should have because I had managed to knock over a tool box, which Wraith had carelessly placed on the edge of the opening, which must have hit the exposed conduit.

When I woke up, I was in sickbay, with those big beautiful eyes looking down on me. Apparently I had been the only one seriously hit by the blast. Both her and Wraith were full of those nanoprobes, so the radiation burst didn't effect them as hard as it hit me. I received a dose of Hyronalin to counter any radiation poisoning. Benzites aren't usually known for being the toughest of people. Which makes it a bit frustrating that the Federation put so much pressure on us to stop genetic engineering but then allows an "Augie" like him to stay on board. Probably as the Captain's Pet. heh.... As i was right about to talk to her "IT" reminded her that they needed to finish the repairs and she left. The Nurse started saying something but i couldn't understand, apparently the radiation had knocked my translator offline. Beyond that the day had progressed as I had planned up until the end of my shift. Poor Molyse had to listen to me rambling the whole time about why that wraith guy creeps me out and my crush on Fine. As I got up to leave He detected some kind of Tachyon emission in the shuttle bay as one of the shuttles was prepping for launch. I grabbed to security officers and went to investigate. Right as we got there I saw what looked like Wraith climbing on Board with what appeared to be a Romulan! How many times can this guy ruin my day?

I rushed my team down to the second shuttle and prepped it as fast as we could. No way we were letting that traitor get away, especially after the day I'd had due to him. As we began closing in the shuttle was rocked suddenly to the sound of a huge explosion. It was The Geist! As we turned about all we could see what the ship being destroyed in some kind of temporal singularity. It was hard to watch the ship twisting and contorting as it seemed to age and break. The three of us just stared silently in horror when I was dropped to my knees with a sudden pain in my chest. Things seemed to fade to white momentarily before I found my self in Sickbay looking up at Chief Fine again. I tried to speak, and all I could hear back was this strange noise... My Universal Translator was offline again. And there on the other side of the engineer and nurse was that traitor.... I lunged at him swinging as hard as I could... only to have him dodge it like nothing. I slipped and managed to fall over a table hitting my head getting a nice welt in the process.

After having the Nurse calm me down and check my wound it was only a minute before my translator reactivated. as I received a double dose of Hyronalin I tried relating my story to them but they told me I must have been dreaming after the conduit burst. I needed more information. Benzites are patient and meticulous if anything. I would get to the bottom of this and save the ship from that Conspiring Augment traitor. I would show the Captain my evidence as well as prove to Chief Fine that I could be just as efficient as she could be. As I went on Delta Shift I began monitoring all of his movements as well as monitoring for tachyon emissions. Nothing. Not a damn thing. I'd wasted my day while all he did was go to his quarters up until an hour before my shift ended. Needless to say that I got quite the Lecture from the C.O. since I'd neglected most of my duties, just another thing to blame on that blasted Augment, but this was more important. This time I would get to the Shuttle bay before he did and catch him in the act. I pulled Molyse to the side and told him to notify me of any and all Tachyon emissions in the area. He looked quite surprised as I asked him to trust me on this. I decided to Follow Wraith from his quarters to the hanger. Before we got to the hall before the Bay I snuck into a near by Jefferies tube and made my way to the launch room. As I Climbed out of the tube I was hit hard over the head and blacked out.

As I came too the shuttle was launching. I ran to the shuttle and launched as fast as I could. As I flew to a safe distance I began a detailed scan of the ship. This time I wouldn't miss what caused the ship to explode. Same as last time The Geist was destroyed. The source seemed to be coming from the docking bay itself. That THING must have planted a Romulan device of some sort before boarding the shuttle with his Romulan friend. I turned the Shuttle about just in time to see a Romulan War bird Decloak right as the pain hit. It made sense now. Wraith had sold us out to the Romulans. As the pain washed over me I blacked out again. This time when I woke up there was no one there. It was dark and I was alone in sick bay. My body was burning and every muscle ached. When I asked the Computer about my condition it only responded that I had severe radiation poisoning. When i asked the time it was 2300 hours. I had little time to get to the Shuttle Bay and stop that Abomination from destroying the ship. I loaded a hypospray with enough pain killer to get me moving again, but my body still felt sluggish and dull.

Computer, pause recording.

Computer *cough cough* resume recording:

It took me forever it seemed to get to the shuttle bay. This time I was too late to stop the shuttle but I can still stop the bomb. While I was able to record the events of the last few days it turns out I was wrong, Horribly wrong. The Bomb wasn't Wraith, it was Molyse *cough* He's an impostor. The Tachyon emission was him beaming in a Temporal device. He claimed it would wipe The U.S.S Geist from history all together. Every time line, every universe, gone in one horrible moment. *COUGH COUGH COUGH* As best as he could figure the Radiation I had taken worked like a magnet with the Tachyon emissions from the Warbirds singularity. Each time they decloaked the Pulse was enough to push me back to the initial exposure. *Cough cough* He's out cold, and I think I'm dying from the radiation buildup. I can't deactivate the bomb, but I can alter it just enough to save the ship. If I adjust it enough I should be able to create a tachyon pulse big enough to only take the device. Just in case I've recorded this on my P.A.D.D. I figure it was hit with the radiation as well as accumulates more each time the War bird decloaks. That way they can still stop Wraith after the bomb is dealt with. Either way just one last tweak and I'm home fr----

Captain's Log Stardate 88216.89

A few Days ago I dropped off My First Officer to Vulcan to handle some.... Personal matters. Before departing we were ordered to bring a Romulan delegate back to a Rendezvous point by the Neutral Zone. It was all supposed to be very hush hush after there was an attempt to replace him on Vulcan. I personally flew the shuttle with Wraith and a security escort to deliver him safely to the IRW To'bar, but two things are bothering me. We've found out a crewman never made it back on board when we left Vulcan, although no one seems to be able to explain how this happened. Also Mr. Sabin had found a Highly irradiated P.A.D.D. in an empty bunk, But after putting it through De-Con he said that there was too much damage to pull anything from it. I'm having a team put together to investigate both matters......
Captain James Charles Donovan

End Log