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# 1 Post your worst STF experiance
03-21-2012, 09:02 PM
I'm starting this post so people can post their STF experiances. I thought it might be fun.

Here's one that I just compleated.

I qued up for a Cure Normal. I'm just 2 away from the 300 Accolade so i wanted to get it out of the way quick.

I must have entered one that was already partway completed because there were 7 minutes left on the clock and one of the nodes on the first cube was already dead.

All 4 of the other ships were oddys with technicolor rainbow beams, all 4 had accolade points under 3500 and all 4 were at the Kang shooting away at several BoP's.

I figured 4 ships, they could handle it. I said "HI" and flew on to the first cube. That's when I saw one node was gone.

I proceded to kill the other nodes and the first cube by myself.

That's when I figured there must have been someone else who knew how to do the STF who got fed up and bailed.

I flew on to the next cube. One of the nodes was dead there also. I started killing away and called in Fleet Support because none of the other ships were answering any hails.

This part is odd... My fleet support and the turret I had dropped were shooting at the cube, not the nodes and the cube blew up at the same time the last node blew up. I've never seen that happen before. I'm sure my CSVIII was hitting it too but I'd still never seen it happen before.

The other 4 ships are still pounding away at the kang and time ran out as i was flying to the last cube.

I killed the two raptors then started at the nodes. I also noted here that a couple of the nodes were gone.

After a couple minutes the cube died and I look back, the other 4 are still shooting away by the kang.

I flew to the kang and hailed it, the other 4 are well within hailing range but none of them could figure that out.

I clear out the remaining BoP's and Raptors and here comes the Carrier.

Low and behold, now there are 4 ships shooting the BoPs and TELLING EACh OTHER TO KILL THE BoP's FIRST! One ship flew off 70k. I guess he was scared.

Needless to say, I finished the Carrier by myself.

I could see why whoever I replaced had bailed.

Moral of the story?

Dump the Technicolor/Rainbow Beams. Turn on your chat screens and read the forums about how to do STF's before you try them. And finally, If you want to win don't do PuGs.

Ok there's my story for the day.