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03-21-2012, 11:47 PM
Originally Posted by maomaoai8 View Post
My fleet and I have recently had trouble with a new member. We recently had lowered the security to allow easier access to the fleet bank for new users to get better equipment or new crafters. However our kindness was quickly taken advantage of. A new member [within days of joining our fleet] completely wiped out our bank. 90% of the equipment was taken out for all ranks, and ALL of the EC was withdrawn by this single person. Mind you there was at the very least 2 mil+ EC.

I don't normally out people for their wrong doings but I feel in a situation like this that it is better for the public to know in advance who to be wary of when recruiting new members for their fleets.

This person is:


I won't go as far to say DO NOT ADD HIM. But if you do I suggest completely restricting use to the fleet bank until you can determine for yourself if they are trustworthy---in my experience they obviously weren't.

I refuse to sit back while our new struggling fleet members have to suffer because someone was greedy and selfish. I am current VA, I personally don't need EC as much, or the items from the bank, I deposit MANY items and EC [in the millions] to the bank for the new members to get some help. Because of this betrayal we have to become sticklers and extra secure for an extended period of time. Our fleet was once a fun and open group and I feel it has been somewhat tainted.

Hope this warning helps some other fleets out there

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Although such infiltration has a tint of Cardassian, I assure you that no Jevonite took part in such dishonor. As a fleet leader (although very small) if you PM myself a couple names to friend in game, I'll start passing items over to help you rebuild your inventory.

My fleet is to small to actually start a fleet in game (at the moment) and I've sold all extras due to space limit. At least giving items to your fleet would go towards a good cause.

(on a joking note although this issue isn't a joke...i would have held out until a Galor popped up in the bank. )