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03-22-2012, 01:11 AM
I realize this doesn't help you now, but no guild/clan/fleet/whatever should allow new members, especially ones that aren't friends of current members or somehow known by them, full access. It makes it far too easy.

You can easily set up a rank for new folks separate from others so that you can still be open with one another as a guild. Hopefully, the types of players that would loot the bank and split wouldn't stick around long enough under this rank / would be easily identified by you during whatever you feel is the appropriate time period to leave them at said rank.

Heck, you can also set up separate tabs, leaving one accessible for these newer folks while still keeping items out of reach until they move up in rank. Either of these implementations (or both!) would be advisable for you folks or anyone running a fleet/guild/etc.

Plus if new members need to craft and the like and you want to be generous towards them, having them go through established and trusted (poor word here, as it implies every new person is untrustworthy, but it gets the idea across) members may also help get them to know everyone and vice versa.