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03-22-2012, 01:30 AM
I am sorry they did this to you and I hope you recover quickly. This happened recently to the fleet I belong to's bank by a long standing and cherished member. Come to find out his account had been hacked and the hacker not the member was responsible. It also happened to another fleet I belonged to right after launch which was a long time before the hacker scare. Then the person in question took everything and up and left the fleet. I can empathize with the amount of effort and trust on the part of your fleet that players actions violated. It is sad and I hope you recover quickly.

That said and as a four time member of the Infraction Club who has been banned for life from the forums in the past...

OP please edit the name of your perpetrator out of your post, (and those who quoted Pandora could help by editing the perpetrator's name out of your quote as well). It is against the TOS to publicly shame other players on the forums. I can't speak for zone chat though. I have given out the occasional warning in major social zones. Just be careful as if you do it too often and enough other players in those social zones could report you for spam and get you silenced. By the bye and bye, if you quote me be kind and please remove the part I stashed in black.