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03-22-2012, 05:25 AM
First I apologize for my part in last nights shenanigans (though I didn't run faw. Just APB, a target weapons and a tac team) The team we were in would have been -much- better with an escort or a couple of sci. It was just a long slow affair that even we were getting sick of. Especially when the klinks started the old RZR run away and never show back up tactics.

Secondly, the game has -never- been about your skill not really. Even now, it's simply about who brings the most heals and the most sci spam and it has always been that way. The only difference is now you're seeing it with the addition of pay to win consoles on the klink side. The only difference between now and back then, is back then most of the community didn't drift to that direction. Now? peh. Good luck finding any sort of competent team that's not loaded down in sci spam and uber heals.