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03-22-2012, 05:34 AM
Originally Posted by mancom
It's amazing that CaptainGeko has written both the detailed explanation of the damage math that Mustrum quoted and also

Apparently there is a severe disconnect between knowing the formulas and understanding what they actually mean for damage, in particular that dim returns reduce a "+30%-ish" console to ~7.5% by simply being VA and decently spec'd.
I had thought that diminishing returns applied to equipping more than one bonus from a console of the same type at a time. For example, Id get diminishing returns if I equipped more than one Phaser Emitter Array. I did not know, nor do I think, that you do not get the full 198% bonus for using both Starship weapons Training and Starship energy weapons specialization because my testing tells me that I do.

As it is now, I have a cruiser that I have 370% more damage applied permanently to the base damage of its Phaser beam arrays; before using Bridge officer skills. Then with a power level set at or above 100, which adds on another 300% on top of my base DPS. Therefore, with a base damage of 80dps, Im doing 670% more or roughly, 616 DPS per beam. That gives me a total of about 2400 damage per cycle on one beam array, assuming every beam hits. Multiply that by three or six beam arrays and that is some serious base damage before using any skills!

Of course, this doesnt take into effect my opponents resistances on his/her shields or Hull. But my testing shows that the figures Im working with are fairly accurate and are even under-estimated values as I did not know that accuracy added a slight bonus to DPS as well. Ill get that figured in eventually for a more accurate picture.

Lastly, I would need to figure in bonuses from accolades and etc.! And finally, the reason I needed the order of operations so badly is due to one simple fact. If my skills bonuses apply after my fixed bonuses are calculated in, Id be able to do a huge amount of damage verses, those bonuses being applied to the base damage as everything else seems to be. With more testing, Ill figure it out on my own

I'm not yet ready to release my spreedsheet math, but... when I am, I'd like to send it to someone else here on the forums to have a look and review it, before putting it up as a wiki or whatever.