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03-22-2012, 06:16 AM
Originally Posted by mancom
I did some rough calculations yesterday and the formula seems to point in the right direction, at least with regard to what is additive and what is multiplicative. But I did not look up the supposed base damage value, so I cannot confirm the exact values of the involved numbers.

What is weird though is that this explanation mentions a ship tier specific component of the formula. I thought that this damage-dependence on ship tier was removed sometime during S1 or S2. I haven't tested lately whether this is still the case or whether maybe this is another example of ancient code making a comeback.
That is odd!

The only Tier component I have put in my formulas is that of the Mark on weapons. It is roughly 10% more damage per rank. This percentage is applied to the standard base damage. Thus, a possible 120% to base damage using Mark XII gear. That does not include bonuses due to rarity; =such as Accuracy or Critical damage etc.

My testing results, so far are very close to what I calculated on paper for my specific ship. There is a small margin of error that Iím not able to account for yet. But, Iím in the ballpark! Sometimes I do 100 damage more than expected, sometimes 100 damage or so less.