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03-22-2012, 07:56 AM
Originally Posted by allanjb
And Cannons to PUG into Infected space Wednesday, counted red green and blue, on an Advance Escort. Every time he hit his Scatter Volley looked like a Pack of Skittles exploded
This has made my morning. Thank you.

I am usually pretty laid back about STFs. But man folks just are so... surprising, I guess, though I have learned I really shouldn't be surprised.

There are numerous times with rainbow boats and cruisers that have tiny DPS but also don't heal at all that have been quite frustrating. I mean, I totally get that PuG'ing is no guarantee for optionals, cool. But to be so close and miss it just because someone derps around or hasn't grasped the game mechanics can make you sigh. To be clear, though, it's just a game; I don't get angry or whatever. I just hope people are learning the more they play.

Anyway, one of the worst times was in a KA. I was on the far side while the rest of the team took down the other side. This was normal mode. The number of deaths over there was staggering. I am pretty sure I had all but the gate down and was working on it on my side before they even got to it (no, we didn't get the optional, of course).