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03-22-2012, 09:06 AM
I've had a Infected Ground Normal where everyone in the group was trying to hide behind my shield wall, so of course Becca is hitting us all for damage thanks to her gnarly force lightning powers. As I try to move around and reset my defense postion, the whole group follows me, and ignoring my telling to them to keep apart. In the end, I got Becca down by myself, which isn't fun.

Then there was the Cure Ground Elite, that I wasn't even supposed to go into, except the fleetmate I was going in with, queued us up for that by mistake, and then at the last second he bailed (Darn Brits ) SO I decided to stick it out, after my group took 5 minutes to figure out how to get past the first shield wall (Ignoring my please that they listen to me so I can tell them how), we get through a few Borg groups, to the next shield wall. At this point it became an episode of Keystone Cops, with three of the five running around. while myself and one guy smart enough to ask how, were standing around yelling at the others to stop and listen. I took the leaver penalty on that one.