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03-22-2012, 09:23 AM
Originally Posted by Raudl View Post
with all this useless assumptions in this thread and all the others on the forums i just want to assume something myself:

The avarage STO player cannot cope with his own failure, he rather searches explanations in broken game mechanics, other players cheating and a general imbalance that puts him allways into an uphill battle.
If all that was true, the game must be broken beyond repair, 80% of all players are cheaters and the player himself is unable to use the imbalance to serve himself.

Is it soooo hard to admit that there is a bigger fish than oneself in the ocean?

If you go into a PVP match solo, why do you even expect to win? a premaid team with any kind of voicechat, if it is not made up of complete fools, will always win. No matter what faction, ships, careers...
I didn't say anything about percentages or about me winning all the time. I am talking about the PVP game don't seem to help the average player. When you wantch certain teams that slaughters all the other teams in seconds, taking no damage or getting any casualties , then the game is a bit uneven. Obviously you feel threatened from my comments and that you are an elitest who has something to lose if the game is leveled for everybody.