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03-22-2012, 10:03 AM
I won't claim to have had such terrible experiences as you guys- I think I just haven't run enough STF's to get a truly terrible team yet.

Instead I'll offer my closest.

I usually run Infected space because I figure, since there's no failure possibility due to nothing destructable and stuff, that I minimize the chance for idiocy. However, of course, my team is always too busy killing the nanite generators(in fact they often don't focus fire on them one at a time, lengthening the process) to notice the legions of nanite probes and spheres that keep coming through the gate. So, I valiantly break off and engage either in my raptor or odyssey (depending on what character I'm running- don't worry, my odyssey only runs one color of beams), but we end up failing the optional because I just can't kill all of them before they reach a repair point... than I get blamed for it. This also happens on Khitomer although usually it's a lot easier since it's just probes and not spheres.

But hey guys, I dunno about you, but usually I can tell if my team knows what they're doing within the first 5 minutes- doesn't that mean we can figure out what we're going to end up doing ahead of time?