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03-22-2012, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by Prof.Gast

What? I can't tell if this is supposed to be horrifically satirical, trolling, or an honest opinion. I can only assume trolling from the statement of "Jem'hadar shields working" because that was what you call an exploitable bug, now they simply work closer to intended.

I do however agree that the mechanics of the game are fairly poorly understood and communicated. However, there is no "hacking" just people who have taken the time and effort to understand how the game works better. There are a number of skills that reduce the amount of damage you take and a number of tactics that also do the same thing. The most experienced players are simply the best at doing so. Learn the techniques. And as always the basics:

Redistribute your shields, keep your defensive buffs up and remember, there's always someone out there who's better. Learn from them.
I have done all that stuff you say, and I'm telling you my shield doesn't regenrate to specs at all, not just in PVP but also in PVE. I don't know if its a new bug with the new patch or did they make a mistake in overzealous nerfing to fix the first bug. I don't know if its just my ship being bugged after I asked the Techs to fix my bobbing cam view or not. Th point is that the shield does not work and I had to revert to an older slower covarient shield.

Now on the subject of hacking, it is quite presuptuous of you to think that there is no hacking in this game. That is the biggest load of BS I ever heard. Where ever there is a computer program there are hackers. It happens to every server, every game system, every computer, and it happens to every network. Hackers are the people that use codes to exploit the game's glitches and they tell their buddie or sell the info to them who in turn becomes moders. This has happen to Bungie, X-box Live, PS3, WOW and other major game networks. The difference is that they employ managers who sole purpose is to catch hackers and moders to keep the game balanced and working properly. They ban these players from their networks. With the money Perfect World and Cryptic is wracking up from C-store they should hire managers to guard the game against hackers and moders. I caught a Klingon player with his new Flagship in Sirus Sector last week. I checked him out; he didn't have the Diplomatic Immunity Buff activated. I asked him how did he get there and he couldn't explain. He said that he like the fact that he can freak out fed players by comming into their safezone. That is proof enough that there are hackers and moders in this game.