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03-22-2012, 12:05 PM
In the present I would just like more content like missions and such things. For midterm goals I would like to be able to interat with my bridge officers on my bridge, and actually be able to use my ship interior for something other than looking good, and it is looking good. For a long term content I would be looking for is more character development, our captains are these one dimesional machines that just fly around and solve problems, and kill things our captains have no personal lives. I would like missions where our captains could lets say escort a diplomat or something. And at the end of the mission we could decide whether or not to start a personal relationship with this person. This could lead to another set of mission which develops the character of our captains through the choices are captains make. We could use are ship interiors for dates in this personal relationship. I know this would require the mission to be designed for each specific captain. But I would like to see more character development in our captains in the future. With these new mission it could grant certain passive abilities, and small rewards.