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Originally Posted by Captain_K.C. View Post
Jumping in for some advice: I am a Tactical captain on the Klingon side and have been saving up CP for several months. Is it important if Deflector-Impulse-Shields slots use the Honor Guard set? I have two out of 3 for both the Borg set and the Jem'Hadar set. I'm also sure that the Aceton Assimilator and Plasmonic Leech consoles are useful but are they 2,000 CP-useful? Why would I want to pay that much to get not those ships but the consoles? If an Engineer captain wants to use a Tactical ship instead of a Carrier, that's your choice.... any advice to adjust a Guramba for Tactical gameplay is appreciated.

Anyway if I get the Guramba, I will have a Nausicaan character with Nausicaan melee weapon on a Nausicaan ship

Plasmodic leech is useful, and I like the vent theta one too, Ive never used the aceton assimilator one though, but as others have mentioned, that's better in a full on drain build. I ended up with the consoles I did because I wanted to keep my Nausicaan in Nausicaan ships, and they've worked out better than I expected.

Regarding which set to use, I've used full HG on my Tac because I like the basic stats of the pieces a lot, but the second set bonus is a little underwhelming really, so I'm going to be experimenting with 2 of each, I'll likely keep all in my inventory to swap around as necessary. I've also been getting good mileage on my Eng with the HG shield and 3 piece borg. Either way, the HG shield is a great bit of kit to have on the Garumba wether you pair it with other HG parts, or Borg parts.