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03-22-2012, 12:24 PM
Other than the Cure Ground run where my group had not one... but TWO drunk and high players talking nonsense on the mic's and playing like drunk, high idiots?

A couple of days ago on a bad Infected Space Run....

The group was mixed. My Galor, a few cruisers and a guy in a DPS escort coppin' an attitude. When one of the Rainbow Brites prematurely detonates a genny, this 'experienced' player cusses him out, insults him (the word '******' was thrown about). No problem... salvagable and one loudmouth can't ruin the entire run, right?


All the other Rainbow Brites concentrated on the two spheres that spawned after the first genny prematurely died. Nanite spheres were on the way. Only our loudmouth was taking the transformer and there was no way that two or even three of our ships could take that transformer down before the first nanite sphere reached us.

Did I mention the Rainbow Brite using Gravity well was shooting his Gravity Well at anything BUT the incoming nanite spheres? That was true the entire match. Once he even dropped the Gravity Well on the Nanite Transformer...

So I made a call. I'd buy some time, take out the nanite sphere that's closest, Eject Warp Plasma 3 every incoming sphere, and hope that buys enough time for the Rainbow Brites to get their act together and take that damn transformer down.

You can see where this is going, right?

In retrospect, I shouldn't have tried to take out that first nanite sphere. Hell, I could have destroyed the entire horde of spheres and locked them in an indefinite suspended animation, and it wouldn't have made a lick of difference. The Rainbow Brites were getting popped by spheres, and Loudmouth was screaming for some help in between complaints about PuGs and N00Bs. Meanwhile, I was throwing everything at the oncoming Nanite Sphere horde. Graviton beams, graviton console bursts, tractor beams, eject warp plasma, anything to keep the hope alive (because god knows I wasn't expecting a Gravity Well in the right spot any time soon...).

It was not enough. The rainbow brights were too busy getting their butts kicked by two spheres... and loudmouth was too busy ranting about about PuGs, N00B's, whatever elitist crap he was spouting...

To my credit, the lead nanite sphere did go down. The two after that, however...

I finally asked what's taking so long with the transformer. Rainbow Brites were silent. Loudmouth didn't say anything of note about it. So the Rainbow Brites and I had to mop up these nanite spheres and try again, as well as kill the regular spheres which were becoming too numerous. I think Loudmouth screamed about concentrating on the transformer at that point. I just sighed and tried to stop multiple spheres from tractoring and gangbeating me while trying to pull their nanite spheres away...

We did manage to mop up and destroy the nanite transformer. Thank god. So off to the next side!

Went as well as expected. The Rainbow Brites once again messed up the nanite gennies. Again, I maintain that this is salvagable, but like last time, the Rainbow Brites concentrated on the spheres. At this point I was sympathetic. They really were getting their butts handed to them...

Loudmouth once again spouts off. You could practically predict the paint by numbers elitist anti-pug and anti-noob nonsense this guy was saying. I was rather sick of his attitude and of the poor performance of the Rainbow Brites (but mostly of his poor attitude), so I finally told the group...

"Less complaints, more Gravity Well!"

And that's when Loudmouth decided... hey... it's all MY fault. The Rainbow Brites better be grateful, for from that point on, all the complaining was directed to ME.

So for the next half hour, I had to listen to Loudmouth cuss me out, accusing me of not doing the plan right, complaining that I should have been focusing on the transformer instead of slowing down the nanite spheres, PuGs, N00B's, read a guide, blah blah blah. I made the mistake of defending myself (because god knows explaining one's actions may sometime actually work as intended or advertised...). It wasn't offensive, just annoying.

When the guy called me a dumb***... that's when I figured he crossed the line.

So I told him, "Say what you will, but never insult."

Oddly enough, he didn't have a retort about that. Just the same elitist ad nauseum stuff mentioned before. And this time he's taken an interest in me... he starts questioning my experience, wondering how I could mess this up.

I replied, "I suspect your credentials as well."

To this he did have a response. He told me how many accolade points he had. Over 10 thousand... wow... not bad.

(Mine's higher, not to mention that in STF's it means jack all, but who am I to burst his bubble?)

The rest of the match went as expected. Rainbow Brites went boom. Loudmouth was being loud. I was wondering why there wasn't a 'frag teammate' feature in the game...

I had a laugh when Loudmouth got within 5 km's of the gate during the gate destruction portion of the game. I even pointed it out, to which he gave an indignant response similar to 'You are telling ME how to play?', because remember at this point our opinions of each other were low, like we saw each other as a lower evolved lifeform.

Maybe it was too passive aggressive?

Yeah, it was. But I think the point I made, that perhaps he isn't as 1337 as he thinks, that he is fallible, actually went a bit over his head.

But that's the thing about perpetually angry people like that. Nothing gets through to them. So I think the Rainbow Brites had it right by keeping quiet. Elite players wonder why there's no communication? Probably because all it's gonna get you is a lot of abuse.

So I took what I had to learn to heart. My efforts weren't going to change the outcome, so next time just focus on the transformer and let someone else take the blame when the nanite spheres come running in.

And don't feed the trolls.